John Flying in Salento

John Scott

YiS – Yoga in Salento


8th – 22nd August, 2020

Teaching Team: John Scott, Julia Scott, Sandra Howling, Beata Darowska, Amy Hughes

John Flying in Salento

T R A N S C E N D E N T A  L


SECOND SERIES With John Scott and Teaching Team

This Two Week Workshop is for all students who have completed the First Series – Yoga Chikitsa* and are wishing to move forward and journey into the Second Series – Nadi Sodana. This Two Week Workshop will also be suited to all those second series practitioners and teachers who wish to take a step back and learn from the beginning the Names, Translations and Sanskrit Counted Vinyasa for all of the Second Series asana.

In the first series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga the student is ‘reintroduced’ to their body, arriving first to Structure and Foundation.  The full practice is hence called “Yoga Chikitsa – Yoga Therapy”. Once established in the structure of the Body, Foundation, Bandha, Ujjayi and Mantra the student is then ready to make an internal but subtle shift of consciousness and literally begin to “Shape Shift” and flow from Human to Animal –

“Nadi Sodana – Cleansing the subtle channels and allowing flow”

Join John Scott and Julia Grant Scott, Sandra Howling, Beata Darowska and Amy Hughes for this Two Week Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Counted Method SECOND SERIES DEVELOPMENT Intensive

John will begin the workshop revisiting the Primary Series and each day will add one-by-one and pass on to each student, as his Teacher did, ‘The Second Series Count’, as a practice mantra to the student, for the student to hear, recite and learn.

Plus a step-by-step full Vinyasa introduction to each new asana.

The Intensive

Come together as one practice group, grounded, surrounded and protected by the principles of Yoga.  Share in a common intension to focus together, to grow together, blossom and shine together.

Immerse yourself in mantra to discard all distracting thoughts, leaving the ordinary limited thinking mind behind to Flow and Shape Shift from … Grasshopper to Frog, from Frog to Arjuna’s Bow, and from Arjuna’s Bow to King Ustra the Cammel

This intensive leads you to the door of Infinite Potential, ‘NOW’ is your opportunity to ‘Fly’, learn to count, bring your own mind into Deep Focus and Concentration.

Fly above your limited conditioned self and realise the
ExtraOrdinary You!

*Please Note:

  • You can attend this second series workshop if you have been practicing and completed the Primary Series for more than ONE YEAR
  • You do not have to Drop Back by yourself!!
  • You do not have Hold Marychyasana D by your self or Put your self into Suptakurmasana

Guest Information Sheet


Cost and Fees

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What’s included?

  • 14 nights
  • 6 brunches per week
  • 7 dinners per week
  • 1 breakfast on saturdays
  • double, single or shared rooms
  • A very wide swimming pool and beautiful gardens
    Spa Healing Center.
  • Treatments and massages on request

What’s not included?

  • Flights
  • Transport to/from the retreat centre (Yoga in Salento can help organise local taxis, this will be an additional cost paid direct to the taxi driver)
  • Travel/medical insurance


Guests may cancel or amend any reservation up to 60 (SIXTY) days before the date of arrival for no charge. Payments made will be returned through the same method used for the original payment less any charges incurred by ourselves in the receipt or return of the payment.

Cancellations made between 30 (THIRTY) days prior of arrival will be charged 50%.

Cancellations made less than 30 (THIRTY) days before arrival 100% of the total reservation amount will be charged.

No-shows with no notice are not refundable.

If you are booking as a pair and one party withdraws the other party will be required to either find a replacement (we can help with this) or be asked to pay the entire cost of the original booking (ie two places).   We reserve the right to remove your entire booking in this case (though we’ll work hard to avoid this where we can).

For reservations with multiple rooms this applies to each room. Please do note: cancellations or modifications must be made by email. Verbal cancellations or SMS/texts are not accepted.

Please check Yoga in Salento for their details and cancellations at the time of booking.  All bookings via Yoga in Salento directly.

Bookings will not be available through

How to Book

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Yoga in Salento

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