Palmgrove, Goa, 27th February – 7th March, 2020

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No bookings will be available via Palmgrove direct

 2 Week Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Immersion

John Scott assisted by Julia Scott

Palmgrove Beach Resort, Ashwem Beach, Goa, India – LIMITED TO 12 STUDENTS ONLY

John has booked the beautiful Palm Grove Beach Resort and Little Palm Grove Yoga Shala for a two week immersion to create the space and time to give all his focus and energy to just one class of twelve students!

Note:  This event is earlier in the year than the last event at Palmgrove in 2018/2019 and will only be for TEN DAYS.  Second Series Students who are looking for a full month immersion can consider booking the two weeks at Purple Valley that John is running shortly after the event at Palmgrove finishes.  Booking each event is independent of each other. Booking one event does not guarantee a space on the other.

John and Julia will be taking a short break (7 days) between these two events during which there will be no teaching from them.

 The Yoga

Wake up to the sound of the Arabian Sea, stroll along the stunning Ashwem Beach to our Beautiful Beach Side Shala and set your mat down to be in a class of just TWELVE* students.

A two week journey with TWELVE students meeting, coming together as one special cohesive group, combining intention and focus to create a transformative transcending practice space, eclipsing ordinary with the extra-ordinary energy of ten to the power of ten, blossom and shine radiant together, an overwhelming long lasting adventure into the nature of why, where, who, what we really are really HERE to DO, in this MOMENT NOW.

*Exact number to be confirmed

The Shala

John’s mission is to take the group into a continuum of Pratyahara / Dharana – focus for two weeks, giving you the opportunity to fully indulge, with your teacher, to look into, with great detail the direction and blossoming of your personal self-practice.

To create the energy and focus necessary for the immersion John will introduce and commence the retreat by counting the group through* as one mind, one breath, one body-flow resulting as one collective conscious on a mission of change.

Take the opportunity to give your practice your complete attention, to intentionally direct your full “Power Of Awareness”, to focus all your mental effort to your morning practice without disruption or gaps.

Afternoon theory/exploration session may be included if John sees that the group will benefit by coming together to explore the even more subtle realms of Yoga.

*John will start the immersion by counting Yoga Chikitsa (first series) and depending on the group John may also count Nadiśodana (second series)

The Accommodation

Palm Grove Beach Resort is a small bohemian style resort with charming bungalows placed right on Ashwem beach with stunningly extraordinary daily sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

Journey as a Couple and have a Romantic Escape, or find a Yoga Sister or Yoga Brother, to Share an evening wine and Bungalow overlooking the amazing Ashwen beach sunsets.

The heart of Palm Grove is it’s Café Restaurant where many an hour can slip by chatting over a coffee or cold smoothie or a delicious Goan Fish Curry. Or take a fresh coconut to drink down on one of the sunbeds, Ashwem beach is still the quietest and most beautiful of the beaches of Goa.

 The Costs

Yoga Fee: Two Week Yoga TO BE ADVISED

Shared Bungalow Accommodation Fee: TO BE ADVISED

Come as a couple – John will welcome partners who are beginners, or find a yoga sister or yoga brother to share costs. Non practicing partners are welcome with the Bungalow price TO BE ADVISED though if you really want to indulge and come as single, then Single Bungalow Accommodation Fee: approx.TO BE ADVISED 

Limited places are available.  If you are booking for yourself but would like to share, we will try to pair you up with someone wishing to do the same where suitable and possible.

Accommodation charges includes:

  • Bungalows by the beach (single or double accommodation)
  • Shared and Single Accommodation costs to BE ADVISED
  • Yoga Shala overlooking the Arabian Sea
  • Welcome dinner
  • Pre yoga herbal tea, chai or coffee
  • A large post yoga breakfast buffet
  • Dinner buffet
  • 1 included Deep Tissue Massage per week
  • Farewell dinner

Not Included:

  • Flights or airport transfers – we’ll advise you of the cost of this prior to the event
  • Travel Insurance – please insure you have the appropriate level of cover for all your needs


Guests may cancel or amend any reservation up to 30 (THIRTY) days before the date of arrival for no charge. Payments made will be returned through the same method used for the original payment less any charges incurred by ourselves in the receipt or return of the payment.

Cancellations made between 30 (THIRTY) and 15 (FIFTEEN) days prior of arrival will be charged 50%. Cancellations made less than 15 (FIFTEEN) days before arrival 100% of the total reservation amount will be charged. – No-shows with no notice are not refundable.

If you are booking as a pair and one party withdraws the other party will be required to either find a replacement (we can help with this) or be asked to pay the entire cost of the original booking (ie two places).   We reserve the right to remove your entire booking in this case (though we’ll work hard to avoid this where we can).

For reservations with multiple rooms this applies to each room. Please do note: cancellations or modifications must be made by email. Verbal cancellations or SMS/texts are not accepted.

This policy may change up to one month (THIRTY days) prior to the event

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