John Scott in Purple Valley, Goa. March 31st – 13th April, 2018

John in Navasana

John Scott and Assistants in Purple Valley Goa – 2 Week Workshop

John Scott is a direct student of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and certified to teach the Ashtanga system. He is a world renowned teacher well known for his detailed and informative narrative and his ability to direct students into a strong practice with soft intent. By using his unique imagery borne from his own deep understanding and experience, John helps students to discover a balance between the powerful strength aspects and the yielding soft elements required for long-term practice of Ashtanga. John delivers information suitable for all levels of practitioner.

About This Event

This two Week Workshop will be a journey into the Counted Method passed to John directly from his teacher, Shri K Pattabhi Jois. Depending on the make up of the Group, John and his assistants may focus the first week on the Primary Series and then split the group into two for the second week with a more advanced group working on second series. All levels can participate for the entire two weeks

  • Two week Assisted Self Practice workshop
  • Learn and understand the Counted Method
  • Initial one group working together which will be split into two, for Assisted, Counted Self-Practice
  • The group will be divided into two smaller practice groups, to then again, come together again as one each Friday, for a full counted yoga Chikitsa Series
  • When self practice groups will start, the students are expected to have a deeper knowledge of the vinyasa count
  • Six after noon Technique/Theory Sessions to give the student an opportunity to understand the 1% theory that John received from Guruji

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