John Scott in Purple Valley, Goa, 14th – 27th March, 2020

Teaching in Goa

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – Second Series

Join John Scott for this Two Week Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga “Counted Method” Intensive. John will pass as Pattabhi Jois did, ‘The Count’ for the Nadi Sodana Series (Second Series), as a practice mantra to the student, for the student to Hear, Recite and Learn. The role of the teacher is to pass the practice technique to the student and for the student to take the method themselves to become independent and responsible to oneself.

John considers the “Count” to act as a mantra  -transforming the physical aspect of the practice to a movement meditation – Certainly the physical practice cleanses and detoxifies the body, however the recitation of the Vinyasa Count internally by the student, cleanses and purifies the mind – as John’s teacher used to say “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is Mind Control…“

Note:  This is a two week course – suitable only for Second Series Students: Half second series up to Ekapadasirsasana welcome

About This Event

It is through the Counted Method and Mind Control that the student attains the potential to ‘Block’ the conditioned patterns of thought, to eclipse the ordinary thinking mind, transcending into the realm of the extra-ordinary.

John is passionate about sharing the “Counted Method” as well as passing on many 1%s Theory and believes there is an infinite amount of theory and technique that can be practiced 99%

This course is suitable only for Second Series Students. Please note the First week, John and his teaching team will bring the whole group together as one, to concentrate and focus not only on Count, but also Breathing and Asana Techniques. The Second week will focus on developing the mantra and practice techniques for Self-Practice and finishing the course with the whole group coming back together as one body, one breath, one mind, for a full counted Second Series 

 This course is suitable for Second Series Students (Half second series up to Ekapadasirsasana welcome)

Students are expected to have a deeper knowledge of the vinyasa count.

  • First Week – Concentration and Focus
  • Second Week – Developing the mantra and practice
  • 6 afternoon Technique/Theory Sessions

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