John Scott in Purple Valley, Goa, 13th – 26th April, 2019

Teaching in Goa

Nadi Sodana 2nd Series “The Counted Method” with John Scott and Assistants

John Scott is a direct student of Pattabhi Jois and certified to teach the Ashtanga system.
He is a world renowned teacher well known for his detailed and informative narrative and his ability to direct students into a strong practice with soft intent. By using his unique imagery borne from his own deep understanding and experience, John helps students to discover a balance between the powerful strength aspects and the yielding soft elements required for long-term practice of Ashtanga.
John delivers information suitable for all levels of Series 2 Practitioner.
Note:  This is a two week course – NOT SUITED TO BEGINNERS

About This Event

The role of the teacher is to pass the practice technique to the student and for the student to take the method themselves to become independent and responsible to oneself.  John is passionate about sharing the “Counted Method” as well as passing on many 1%’s Theory.  John believes there is an infinite amount of theory and technique that can be practiced 99%. 

This course is suitable for Second Series Students ONLY – You must have a daily practice up to Ekapada Sirsasana.

  • Two week workshop
  • Learn and understand the Counted Method
  • The exact makeup of this workshop (Self Practice / Led) to be determined by John
  • More details on the Purple Valley website

Assisted By:-

  • Julia Grant-Scott – Poland

More Information

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