John Scott in Purple Valley, Goa, 7th – 20th December, 2019

Teaching in Goa

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & Sacred Sound

Two week intensive Introducing “The Counted Method Mantra” and with special guest Guruji Pandeet Ritwik Sanyal – introducing the the Sacred Sound – Nada Yoga

Join John Scott and team and guest teacher Nada Yoga Guruji Pandeet Ritwik Sanyal for a two week intensive in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Nada yoga, the yoga of sacred sound.

This Two Week Intensive provides a great opportunity to broaden and build a diverse approach to the content and meaning of what it is to practice Yoga, yoga for the heart-mind, yoga for the song within the breath and yoga for the grace of movement. The two weeks will extend you beyond the attachment to just body, it will give you a physical grounding and foundation developing holistic stability in body, breath and mind to dance and sing through life.  

Note:  This is a two week course – limited to 40 students only

About This Event

The morning mantra meditation will be followed by dynamic movement meditation with John and team. In the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga “Counted Method Mantra” intensive John will share – as his Guruji did – ‘The Count’ for both the First Series and the Second Series, as a practice mantra to the student, for the student to Hear, Recite and Learn. The role of the teacher is to pass the practice technique to the student and for the student to take the method themselves to become independent and responsible to oneself. John is passionate about sharing the “Counted Method” as well as passing on many 1%s Theory. John believes there is an infinite amount of theory and technique that can be practiced 99%

This course is suitable for both Primary Series and Second Series Students

  • Two afternoon classes where we will experience the musical and mystical vibration of our voice
  • Musical performances by Guruji Ritwik Sanyal
  • 6 afternoon Technique/Theory Sessions

  • First Week One Class: Whole group as one. Counted class with technique.
  • Second Week One Class: Two groups, a first series group and a second series group

Assisted By:-

  • Julia Grant-Scott

  • Jock Orton

  • Beata Darowska

  • Etienne Janssen

  • Wenming SHI

More Information

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