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JSY TT – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Research Community

The Teacher Training School is now open. Information on available TT courses can be found on the dedicated TT site – AVYRC.COM

John has been working with his Senior and 500 level Teachers on the preparation of a new course that we’re happy to now share with you.  The team has taken the opportunity to take a long look at what kind of training should be offered, where it’s heart and ethos lie and what under pining principles would help develop a world class training program.  It’s been a big undertaking and there’s a lot of things that were considered and the team are now happy to deliver the first parts of this program to you.

At this time John has decided to pass over the development of the Teacher Training Program to his Senior JSY Teachers.  He will remain involved only in an advisory capacity.  For more information on John’s decision please see the announcement page on the Teacher Training website.

Do remember that John rates his Senior and 500 level teachers very highly. Any contact you have with them helps develop a relationship that will stand you well in your journey with us going forward.  You can information on their whereabouts by clicking here

What is this form for

On 25th May, 2018 the European Union brought in to law the European Union General Data Protection Law (GDPR).  This law is set out to better safe guard personal data collected, processed or stored by Websites and other means

As part of this law we are required to seek your specific consent to:-

  • contact you with regards information on the John Scott Teacher Training Organisation “AVYRC” (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Research Community) and to store and process any personal information you supply us as a consequence
  • share that information with AVYRC

*This organisation is yet to be formally named. We’re using the name “John Scott Teacher Training Organisation” or “AVYRC” as a placeholder in the meantime

At this time we must also provide you with the following information :-

  • Contact details of the controller
    • Data Controller, c/o John Scott Yoga, Flat 5, Starch Mill. Ford Road, Haddington. EH41 4BP, Scotland.  You can email us directly by clicking here
  • The purposes of the processing
    • You are expressing an interest in Teacher Training with John Scott and his Senior Team.  We wish to contact you about this using direct email communication. Before we can do this we need you to grant us consent to store and process your personal data (name, email address) in order for us to continue to legally email you new information about John’s new Teacher Training Programs
  • The legitimate interests pursued by the controller
    • Direct Email Communication – see above
  • The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data
    • John Scott Yoga and the John Scott Teacher Training Organisation (data controllers in both instances)
  • If we “intend to transfer personal data to a third country or international organisation”
    • No, we don’t. We do intend to share your information with the John Scott Teacher Training Organisation and those Senior teachers who are providing the training. Your information will be stored externally on the email communication provider’s servers.  We are using Mailchimp specifically for this purpose.  Mailchimp will specifically send you an email to confirm your acceptance of GDPR for the storage and processing of your email details.
  • The period for which the personal data will be stored
    • We will store your information until the formation of the John Scott Teacher Training Organisation at the point when it is capable of safely and securely storing your information. This is envisioned to be no later than 1st June, 2019.  After this date your information will be removed from our email servers here if the organisation is not yet in place.  Should the organisation come in to creation after this date you will need to contact the new organisation directly.  Note that as of 12th September, 2018, this organisation is being considered to be included directly within John Scott Yoga.  If this turns out to be the case no transfer of your information will occur and your details will remain on our servers until the completion of your course or at the point you inform us you are no longer interested in receiving information from us regarding training.  

Please Note

Please review the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice which govern details on GDPR as apply to this form.  If you do not agree to any of the terms or policy details then please do not enter your information and send it to us.  This from was last updated on 12th September, 2018

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John Scott Yoga and AVYRC hereby request you grant permission for them to contact you using direct email communication for the purposes laid out above (See "What is this form for")

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Note: Teacher Training applications are currently open. Completing this form does not constitute any formal agreement to consider you as an applicant for any future Teacher Training Program. Please see the associated website AVYRC.COM for course information and an application form

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