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500 Level Teacher, WenMing Shi

WenMing Shi, China
WenMing Shi is from the south of China. He graduated from School of Art and Design and began to practice Yoga in 2002. Ming met John Scott in FineYoga, Beijing China in 2009. Since then Ming and John Scott have met every year. He is a fully dedicated yogi who has studied with John since they met those nine years ago. Further to the studies Ming has also practiced, assisted and taught for 500 hours on John Scott Ashtanga Yoga Workshops and Trainings in China, Hong Kong, Goa (Purple Valley) and Ming was rewarded with John Scott’s Teacher Training 500 Certificate in 2018.

Ming is a student who works hard and dedicates his full time to Yoga, to study how to understand Ashtanga Yoga, and he has been to India to study Yoga for many years.

He is good at combining the previously studied professional knowledge with Yoga practice and teaching, helping students study and understand the connection among breath, consciousness (heart) and body during Yoga exercises by employing the observation and spatial thinking applied in drawing. In the long-term process of following and learning from John, Ming has established a systematic Yoga logic thinking, thus to broaden horizons and achieve extensive practice results. A very specific and characteristic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga full vinyasa counting pattern has been created and computer designed by Ming. This catchy visual artwork is a great visual work for facilitating beginners to learn about the Ashtanga Vinyasa counting system. Moreover, he also compiled a Chinese language practice manual which is applied to his “workshops”.

His Teaching Significance
The valuable Yoga inspiration and experience is achieved by the unceasing practice, study and teaching.

Ming wish to share his own understanding and comprehension on Yoga to all of you.

Show gratitude to the Yoga teacher, carry on the teacher’s instruction with sense of responsibility and sense of mission, thus to make more people receive the benefits of Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga…

His Teaching Characteristics
Find out students’ different physical status by combining the observation and spatial stereoscopic thinking applied in drawing, and provide the corresponding assistance and guidance, thus to make students understand themselves better and to be helped further and deeper into the state of Yoga.

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