500 Level Teacher, Tracey Mansell


Tracey Mansell, Wimbledon, UK
Tracey Mansell is a practitioner and dedicated Teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. At the age of 30 she attended her first yoga class which was a turning point in her life, and a year after that she embarked on a 3 year teacher training course with the BWY. She has been teaching since 2002. For the last 16 years of teaching, Tracey has honed her skills and developed a thriving community of yoga practitioners. It wasn’t till she met her Teacher, John Scott, on one of his self practice weeks, where John observed her watching him on many occasions while he adjusted, supported, assisted, nurtured and held the space of the students, that he suggested she take one of his teacher training courses, which she did in 2014.

Since that time, Tracey has continued to learn and study under John and has assisted him, which subsequently has lead her to be certified at 500 hour level to teach Primary and Second Series practitioners.

Tracey, also referred to as ‘Handstand Tracey’, has a passion for the art of hand balancing. Her determination and dedication of years of practice means she now runs her own workshops in London, teaching handstands to the complete beginner to the more experienced and how it can be incorporated into your practice.

Throughout her career, Tracey’s enthusiasm and hunger to continue learning reflects in her teaching, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others continuously improve. She has a friendly approach and a sense of humour with an infectious laugh that can’t be missed! She is known for inspiring others to explore their own limitless potential.