Tobias Palm

Senior Teacher, Tobias Palm

Pure Yoga, Norway
Tobias first discovered yoga while living in Buenos Aires, learning Argentinian Tango. It was the inquiry into the connection between the breath, movement and intention in the Argentinian Tango that led him on the path of yoga. The same qualities that are found in Tango also lay the foundations for his adjustments and Mysore teachings: sensitive, listening and inviting to movement through the grounding and quality of breath.

Returning to Norway from Argentina in 2007 he started practicing Ashtanga Yoga at AYO, Ashtanga Yoga Oslo, founded by Ellen Johannesen, KPJAYI authorized level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher and one of John Scott´s first Teacher Training graduates. He started teaching through an apprenticeship at AYO. He completed the Teacher Training with John and Lucy Scott in 2013. After continuing studies and assisting with John and Lucy he received the 500 level certification from John Scott Yoga to teach the primary and intermediate series in 2016.

Tobias now teaches at Pure Yoga Oslo in Norway.

Ashtanga Yoga Oslo