Ramona Rouhdoust
Ramona Rouhdoust with John Scott
Ramona Rouhdoust with Sandra
Ramona Rouhdoust with Sandra

500 Hour Teacher, Ramona Rouhdoust

Lets Yoga Brussles, Belgium

Ramona’s early years developed her very strong interest in the human body, health, physiology, nutrition and digestion.  She believes a knowledge of this is essential for understanding the Shiatsu and Yoga processes.

She continued to take courses in the study of the Massage Therapy, Reflexology and various therapy courses including being trained as a Zone Therapist. With a degree in Medical Biology at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Ramona did not go out into the world with any notion of becoming a Zen Shiatsu practitioner nor did she realise the love and passion that grew in her for Yoga.

When Ramona discovered Ashtanga yoga in 2008, she had already experienced working in the research of medical and Pharmaceutical business world more than 10 years and she was entertaining her passion for her daughter, music and art. But Shiatsu, Yoga and the Spiritual path persistently called her. Ramona found she could not refuse, and soon her own healing journey began when she enrolled in a 4 years study of Oriental medicine and Shiatsu with Master Yuichi Kawada and soon after 200 hour teacher training with John Scott and Lucy Crawford.

In 2012, the path had her! A crucial turning point in her journey with herself. A yearning from deep within to drive right into the heart of the method. Ramona realised at some point that, in fact, she knew nothing and that the best she could do was commit wholeheartedly to the continuous study practise and surrender. Ramona traveled to India, the land of Yoga, Chai, coconuts, silk and sandalwoods.

Ramona travelled to Mysore to further study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute at the time run by Patthabi Jois and now Sharath Jois who is the current director of the Institute.

She also continued to deepen her practice and education in yoga and pranayama, studying with the incredible teachers Paul Dallaghan (Yoga Thailand), Samahita Retreat and wellness in Koh Samui and following up her earlier training and qualification with John and Lucy, at Stillpoint Yoga in Cornwall, England.

After a decade career in medical and pharmaceutical industry, Ramona began teaching yoga in Brussels in 2008, and qualified as a yoga teacher through the school with John and Lucy in Cornwall.

Ramona has studied various approaches to yoga and alternative therapies since 2004, and regularly learns from teachers in India, Japan, Europe, and USA. Most of her work involves individualised yoga or mindfulness-based therapy, using Chinese medicine/ Shiatsu, Yogic and Buddhist principles to support treatment.

In her own words:-

“I believe in teaching people, not poses, which makes each class unique, focused and transformative, responding to the needs and energy of the moment. The postural practice is just one gateway to understanding yoga, with the ultimate aim of becoming a more fully aware, balanced and integrated being.

Life’s challenges present opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and serve as signposts on the path to awakening. Ashtanga yoga, Japanese (DO-In) yoga, Pranayama (breath work) and meditation practice is healing, empowering and inspiring. It’s deeply satisfying to watch people tap into their potential and discover and transform themselves through ancient wisdom teachings”.

Ramona’s 10 years of developing a personal mindfulness practice provide tools and support both in her therapy work and as a parent. She has especially been blessed to spend years with Masters and great teachers on retreats since 2008.

Her yoga therapy practice includes clients dealing with emotional and physical health issues, such as back problems, chronic pain, high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, Breast Cancer, Anxiety and Depression. Ramona also uses Daniel Schroder’s “corps astral” and energetic reading as a way to understand one’s energy pattern to deepen self-awareness.

The individual sessions that she offers can involve any of the above tools, including spiritual guidance.

Ramona’s roots are in Iran and in Sweden and she has lived in Brussels since 1998.

Teaching for Ramona is not a carrier but a vocation that needs to be experienced. It takes hard work, discipline and motivation to get there and she see herself being very lucky to have had that support to have come this far. Her journey continues…

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