Josefin Wikström

Senior Teacher, Josefin Wikström

Kaivalya Yoga, Sweden
Josefin is teaching from a heartfelt feeling that the yoga practice has transformable powers and is accessible to everyone. She is one of the three main teachers in the Swedish Prison Yoga Project and is an ambassador for the Prison Yoga Project US where she recently also started the Prison Yoga Project in Mumbai India.

Josefin is implementing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice into the prisons in Sweden and is completing the final work on a new comprehensive yoga manual for the prison system with a trauma sensitive approach, and is currently studying at the Trauma Institute in Boston US with Bessel Van Der Kolk Md

Josefin has spent her life living part-time in India studying yoga and dance for over 20 years. She has been working as a full time yoga teacher the past ten years and teaches Internationally and in Sweden and India on a regular basis.

For Josefin the Ashtanga Vinyasa System is a beautiful practice where the meetings and exchange of knowledge and energy between teacher and student in a Mysore practice is the perfect space to accommodate a personalized practice and focus. Her wish is to pass on the method to her students as a tool to reach and expand the inner space of strength, stillness and happiness and for them to feel free and vibrant beyond the yoga mat.

Josefin has found her teacher in John, in his ways of communicating lightness and love to his students, and his wish that the yoga practice will give us the strength to be at selfless service towards others.