Helen McCabe

Senior Teacher, Helen McCabe

Yoga at the Space, Dorset, UK
Helen practises and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Dorset, where she is director of ‘Yoga at the Space’ in the beautiful Purbecks. There she runs the morning Mysore programme as well as teaching Yoga for Pregnancy and running regular retreats and workshops. She started practicing yoga in 1991 when she was working in the film industry and had just had her first daughter. It has played a major part in her life ever since. She completed the BWY 3 year teacher training course in 2005 and subsequently both level 1 and 2 teacher training courses with her main teachers John Scott and Lucy Crawford, for whom she owes huge gratitude. She is recognised by Yoga Alliance UK as a Senior Yoga Teacher.

Helen aims to bring a mindful and gentle approach to sharing this practice and the powerful tool which it can be for everyday life. She is also passionate about the importance of building community. Her own practice and exploration of yoga is ongoing as she continues to learn not just from her own teachers but also from all the people that she has the privilege of sharing yoga with. As a mother of two grown up daughters the involvement with the Urban Yogis UK project which looks to share this practice with young people is also very close to her heart.

Yoga at the Space