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500 Level Teacher, Helen Eastwood

Helen Eastwood Paris, France
Helen met Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2010, modestly looking for support and gentle healing of the body. What she found turned out to be an invaluable treasure, and the practice quickly became an essential part of her life. As a designer, Yoga gives her precious tools for inspiration, creativity, independance, and as a day-dreamer it helps her for grounding, incarnation and self-study.

Helen shares the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method in respect of the tradition, as transmitted by her teacher John Scott, with kindness, devotion, precision but also an extra touch of imagination!  She has been reported to turn into a little sparkling fairy dancing on waves on several counted classes. She loves to take care of each student individually, modulating her approach and technique to help them develop a subtle listening of their body, to deepen their practice while most importantly respecting their own abilities. She believes this is the key to a healthy and intelligent practice. Helen sees Yoga, above all, as a way of life, open to all, a path to learn and work deeply on the body, the mind and our relationship to all beings, with subtlety, care and joy. Teaching is like gardening, meticulously sowing the seeds of Love and Joy she discovers on her mat.

In 2015, Helen opened her own Shala just on the outskirts of Paris, a cosy and clear home-like space, where she holds self-practice and counted classes with her team (AnandaKala Yoga), and welcomes – heart fully open – all those willing to join the amazing journey…

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