Duangta Manomas

Senior Teacher, Duangta Manomas


Duangta began to practice Yoga because she was suffering pain at the back of the neck, shoulders and back from muscle stresses. Sometimes it was so severe that she could not turn her body left or right and she would have a have a drop in one shoulder and a deep aching pain starting from the neck to the shoulders and arms and end at the waist — a classic symptom for a person sitting for hours day in day out in front of a computer. A visit to the doctor provided occasional relief of the pain and this routine went on for several years. A close friend then suggested the way of Yoga. 

Duangta began with Hatha Yoga, which she practiced by herself learning from a Hatha Yoga self teaching book for about three years. Then, while on her work assignment to China, she was most fortunate to receive instructions in Ashtanga Yoga. The sessions were eye opening to her and she decided to resign her work. She traveled to India and studied Yoga in traditional style for about six months. There, she learned the many art styles of Yoga, such as yoga therapy and Yogasana, which is about how to correct and balance each asana, breathing control and the correct use of muscles for each asana. 

Duangta is a very dedicated ashtanga vinyasa yoga practitioner. With support from Fine Yoga, she went to New Zealand to join the TTC with John Scott.  During one month with the very intensive practice guiding by John and Lucy Scott, Duangta had studied about the core strength, strong & safe adjustment and proper alignment of each asana. Besides, Duangta also studied about awareness during the practice and how to facilitate and manage the development of her students, more sensitively to the individual needs of her students. 

Duangta’s classes vary depending on the students present, and they range from gentle explorative movement to more dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Strong attention is given to movement, breath, alignment, visualization and intention, yet she is able to infuse a sense of humor while challenging you to work and push it to your limit. During these several years Duangta has studied closely with John and assisted John in many workshops in China.