A Warm Welcome from John

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a very dynamic, challenging, sequential asana based practice of yoga that combines the principles of Patanjali’s ashto-anga eight limbs and T Krishnamacharya and K Pattabhi Jois’s development of vinyasa – Mind Breath Movement Synchronicity, to arrive in a state of yoga – in the moment of ‘NOW’ transcended of the conditioned patterns of thought, speech and action. What is shared here is a practice, a discipline that if practiced daily, gives the student the skills to reclaim their own authority and realise how extraOrdinary they and the rest of the world really is. John Scott Yoga is not an “Authority of Yoga” but rather JSY is a community of practitioners who are exemplars of the practice, it’s challenges and benefits. The validity of their sharing is by keeping the yoga alive and contemporary through the continuation and exploration into the techniques and methods of yoga.

JSY Teacher Training

“Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Research Community” – AVYRC.COM – a website dedicated to the next stage in the development of the John Scott Teacher Training program.  Please see all teacher training courses run by John’s Senior and 500 level teachers by clicking the AVYRC logo below

United by the fundamental teachings of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga asana practice – Mula Bandha, Drishti and Ujjayi breathing from Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamachariya – the inspiring teacher-practitioners will reveal to you the myriad ways their practices have diversified. With decades of research to share, they will go beyond the unified core principles to demonstrate the real life benefits of an individual approach to the Ashtanga Yoga method.  Click the image for more details 

Teachers Currently running Teacher Training courses (click for more course details): 

Sandra Howling

Sandra Howling 

Foundation, 200 hr, 500 hr: UK


Beata Darowska

200 hr: Poland

Claire Berghorst

200 hr: UK

John’s Expanding Community

Joining John in his workshops, retreats and assisted self practices is an exploration into the deeper realms of the practice and a journey of internal discovery and reflection. The growing community of friends, apprentices, graduate teachers, teacher trainees and students is a wonderfully supportive, deeply caring and encouraging place to learn at first hand the teachings of Patanjali, Krishnamachya and Pattabhi Jois through the thoughtful and thought provoking interpretations provided by John. John and the teaching family below welcomes all on their journey of discovery!



Lee Monk, Anne Rasmussen, Brigid Swanson, Rachel Howlett

Picture of John (at Yoga in Salento) from Richard Isaacwww.richardisaac.co.uk


Coming Up

Asia Tour (details to follow)

November 10th – 14th                       HONG KONG         Yoga Mala:             5 DAY INTENSIVE

November 17th – 21st                       KOREA Busan        V&A:                        5 DAY INTENSIVE

November 24th – 26th                      CHINA Hubei          FineYoga:               3 DAY TTC JS UNIT

November 28th – December 2nd   CHINA Hubei          FineYoga:               5 DAY CPD

India 2019

December 7th – 20th                          GOA                         Purple Valley:         2 WEEK RETREAT

Goa Residency 2020

January 10th – 21st                            GOA                           Anahata Retreat:  10 DAY RETREAT (now FULL)

Feb 27th – 7th March                         GOA                           Palm Grove:          10 DAY RETREAT (now FULL)

March 14th – 27th                               GOA                           Purple Valley:         2 WEEK RETREAT (2nd Series)

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