John Scott Sailing in Greece. July 8 – 15th, 2017

Sailing with John in the beautiful waters of Greece

John is returning for the 4th season of sailing this summer.  Brand new for this year the sailing will be in the lovely costal waters of Greece!   Once again John is hosted by Astanga Yoga Warsaw and we look forward to welcoming all aboard!

Note this event is predominantly sailing

About This Event

The majority of the time on this retreat is spent sailing. Yoga sessions are in the morning and occur where suitable places can be found on land. Space is provided in shared cabin accomodation and it’s expected that attendees on this retreat will participate in group activities (shopping and cooking of food). Boats on this event are normally 28 foot in length so please understand that space is limited (there is no space for yoga on board).

Details on this event (click here to visit for more information)

  • One week sailing with Assisted Self Practice
  • Maximum 10 people per boat (2 boats)
  • Route changes may occur at time of sailing due to weather conditions

More Information

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