A Warm Welcome from John

For over 30 years a dedicated, direct and certified student of Guruji, Shri K Pattabhi Jois (Mysore, South India), John is still practicing and exploring the techniques passed directly to him and is continually discovering new meanings to the gems of wisdom that Guruji left for his students to pass on. Through the experience of teaching the Vinyasa count to fellow practitioners it has come to John’s understanding how the “Count” when recited (as if reciting a mantra by both teacher and practitioner) takes the practice to a whole new level of focus, bringing not just Breath and Body into synchronicity, but also Mind, Breath and Body. To self-count the vinyasa truly elevates an asana practice to a movement meditation, and hence the teacher and practitioner eclipse their own conditioned patterns, both physical and mental.

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John’s Expanding Community

Joining John in his workshops, retreats and assisted self practices is an exploration into the deeper realms of the practice and a journey of internal discovery and reflection. The growing community of friends, apprentices, graduate teachers, teacher trainees and students is a wonderfully supportive, deeply caring and encouraging place to learn at first hand the teachings of Guruji through the thoughtful and thought provoking interpretations provided by John.  John and the teaching family below welcomes all on their journey of discovery!

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Sandra Howling

Northampton, UK

Scott Johnson

London, UK

Jock Orton

Newquay, UK

Josefin Wikström

Sweden & India

Kia Naddermier

Paris, France

Helen McCabe

Dorset, UK

Pamela Young

Glasgow, Scotland

Debbie Blunden

London, UK

Andy Gill

London, UK

Narmin Mohammadi

London, UK

Deena Davis

London, UK

Tobias Palm

Oslo, Norway

Vayu Jung

Busan, South Korea

Roee Weiss


Duangta Manomas

Beijing, China

Beata Darowska

Wroclaw, Poland

Dorothy Loh

Hong Kong

Vayu Jung

Anne Rasmussen

Aarhus, Denmark

Vayu Jung

Brigid Swanson

Bristol, UK

Vayu Jung

Rachel Howlett

Penzance, UK

Coming Up

Workshops / Retreats

Yoga Mala, Hong Kong – 22nd – 26th Nov, 2017

Eco Yoga, Scotland – 15th – 21st Sept, 2018

Eco Yoga, Scotland – 22nd – 28th Sept, 2018


Community Events

Assisted Self Practice

Purple Valley, Goa, India – 9th December – 22nd December, 2017

Purple Valley, Goa, India – 31st March – 13th April, 2018

Purple Valley, Goa, India – 14th April – 27th April, 2018

Palmgrove, Goa, India – 28th April – 26th May, 2018

Eco Yoga, Scotland – 15th September – 21st September, 2018

Eco Yoga, Scotland – 22nd September – 28th September, 2018



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